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Happy Customers

"After just 6 weeks I can definitely tell the difference. My bustline is becoming firmer and am noticing a definite lift in my bustline"

Karin, Age 45
Sarasota, FL

"Lucky me, I have big boobs...unlucky me, they are already beginning to sag and loose their firmness. In just 3 weeks of using your product, I'm already beginning to see a change, for the better"

Christina, Age 25
Los Angeles, CA

"Thank you, Perfect Woman. I've tried pills, creams, wraps, everything short of surgery and nothing worked. I don't quite know how your enzyme technology works...but it does.

Maria, Age 50
Atlanta, GA

"I was very close to having cosmetic surgery, but an associate told me about your product and I decided to try it first. Thanks to you, risky, expensive surgery is no longer in my plans"

Tina, Age 38
Fort Lee, NJ

breast enlargement cream

The Perfect Woman Toning & Firming Complex is an all-natural formula scientifically designed to naturally tighten, tone, firm and lift your breasts. This special topical lotion is cosmeceutically developed using our proprietary Enzyme Technology and is designed to penetrate deep into the breast tissues and start the breast enhancement process. The Toning & Firming Complex is a soothing, pleasantly scented lotion that will also rejuvenate the skin and increase its glow and vitality.

  •    Lift and Firm Breasts
  •    Tone and Refine Breast Contours
  •    Have a Softer, Smoother Texture
  •    Reduce Stretch Marks

Toning & Firming Q&A’s

Q: How does the Toning & Firming Complex Work?

A: Enzymes are found in every living cell of the body, including the skin. These proteins are what keep the skin cells healthy, causing tight, firm skin with stronger elasticity. As we age, these essential enzyme levels start to diminish, especially around the breast area. This causes a loosening of the skin that maintains the lift, firmness and shape of the breasts. The formulation and special technology used for our Toning & Firming Complex is designed to penetrate the skin in the breast area, enter the cells and release enzyme enhancers to stimulate the natural recovery process.

Q: Is the product effective regardless of age or Ethnicity?

A: Yes. Diminishing enzyme levels can be prevalent in all adult age ranges and ethnicities. If used as directed, the lotion is proven effective regardless of age or ethnicity.

Q: How long does it take to work?

A: Results should start being noticed within 2 to 4 weeks. Maximum results will differ with each individual, but will typically be realized within 1 to 3 months.

Q: Will the Toning & Firming Complex help my skin?

A: Yes. This topical lotion increases cellular rejuvenation in both the outer and inner epidermal skin layers, improving skin elasticity, firmness, reduction of wrinkle depth and smoothness.

Q: Is the product safe?

A: Yes. The Toning & Firming Complex is formulated from all-natural herbal and phyto-plant ingredients and there are no known adverse side effects (including rashes) associated with use.

Q: How do I know if this product will work for me?

A: Our Toning & Firming Complex is the most advanced and effective topical product available for external breast enhancement…and it is supported by an unconditional money back guarantee.


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